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If you are looking for the best pee pads for dogs, you are in the right place. We offer high-quality DEEP DEAR extra large dog pads to pet owners for helping them potty train a puppy. These leak-proof puppy pads for potty training have high ratings on Amazon!

Puppy Pads

Why the most people choose DEEP DEAR dog training pads in the US? Because our dog potty pads are not only high-quality but also affordable. DEEP DEAR’s pee pads for dogs are leak-proof and super-absorbent. DEEP DEAR features premium materials, such as quality perforated film, imported SAP, and thickened PE film making the upgraded pet pee pads excellent performances on quick-drying, resistance to scratch, and resistance to tearing.

About DEEP DEAR Dog Pads

The DEEP DEAR brand was created by DEEP DEAR USA INC., a leader in the US pet supplies market. DEEP DEAR is a company focusing on the production and sales of pet pads. The channels of main sales are the Amazon platform and the independent shopping website.

DEEP DEAR has been the favorite doggy pads brand of pet owners for many years. It is constantly improving its products to meet the needs of more consumers. Just let your dogs try to use DEEP DEAR pet training pads, they will not let you down. And they will bring you more benefits and surprises!

DEEP DEAR Dog Pee Pads Series

DEEP DEAR currently has 3 main products, which are divided into 28"W x 34"L (71cm x 86 cm), 30"W x 26"L (76cm x 66 cm), 24"W x 24"L (60cm x 60 cm). The best selling series on Amazon are 28x34-30 (30 ct/pkg), 30x26-40 (40 ct/pkg), and 24x24-75 (75 ct/pkg). Purchase dog pee pads according to your needs!

24"x24"-75 Pet Pads

24"x24" (60cm x 60cm) high-quality pet training pads for puppies and small dogs.


28"x34"-30 Dog Pee Pads

28"x34" (71cm x 86cm) extra large dog pads are ultra absorption and leak-proof.


30"x26"-40 Puppy Pads

30"x26" (76cm x 66cm) premium xl puppy pads are perfect for dog potty training.


DEEP DEAR New Arrivals

The new arrivals of DEEP DEAR mainly include 28x34-18 (18 ct/pkg), 28x34-40 (40 ct/pkg), 30x26-30 (30 ct/pkg), 24x24-40 (40 ct/pkg). The upgraded DEEP DEAR features 6-layer protection design makes the dog training pads are much more absorbent than most wee-wee pee pads for dogs on the market. Now it's not only high quality, but also affordable. Whether your dog has ever used the pee pads or not, give a try on DEEP DEAR. Maybe it can bring you unexpected surprises.

24"x24"-40 Training Pads

24"x24" (60cm x 60cm) super absorbent & quick drying dog pads for potty training.


28"x34"-40 Potty Pads

28"x34" (71cm x 86cm) x-large dog potty pads are tear-resistant & odor-eliminating.


30"x26"-30 Pee Pads

30"x26" (76cm x 66cm) disposable puppy pads are thickened and unscented.



DEEP DEAR dog pads are available in all sizes from small to extra large and its uses are very widely used. Not only for dogs, our dog potty training pads are also perfect for kittens, cats, rabbits, ducks, squirrels, guinea pigs, birds, and other housetraining pets. Additionally, not only for indoor use but also for outdoor use (especially used during travel or the leisure time on the lawn).

DEEP DEAR pee pads for puppies can be used for at least one day. After you using our puppy training pads, you no longer have to worry about the floor or furniture being damaged by pet's urine. It will greatly improve your home environment, and can promote the emotional between you and your pet, so that you will no longer feel bored with your pet.

What Our Customers Say

Their buying experience and the effect of using it on their pets give the comprehensive evaluations of DEEP DEAR dog training pads. Reading these reviews will help you to know more about DEEP DEAR's dog pee pad products.

Great Absorbency:
"Since I’m elderly and disabled my little BABYGIRL has her own potty place in the house. I’ve used numerous brands over the years mostly Four Paws Wee-Wee.

I came accross these couple months ago and they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Most all brands say the same thing… there’s is the best, etc. I have to monitor her at potty time because she will only use it one time before I have to replace or else it’s the carpet. Evidently she doesn’t like getting her paws wet. Let me tell you THESE ARE THE GREATEST. THEY ACTUALLY PERFORM JUST AS THE DESCRIPTION SAYS.

She will actually use these 3 or 4 times before I have to replace. Actually I never heard of this brand until about 2 months ago. I’m stocking up, don’t ever won’t to run out of these wonderful DEEP DEAR dog pee pads. They are thick, very absorbent, just as the description states. Those of you who own pets, don't hesitate, this puppy training pads is worth buying!"
Emily Hunt
Best Puppy Pads For The Money:
"I was a little skeptical at first because the pad is not cotton covered like many others out there. I had trouble opening the package and accidentally cut through one.

So I was able to do a test with that one before using. The top is more dry-weave (the best way to describe this is it is very similar to an Always maxi-pad) and it is super absorbent.

I use these in a “potty pad tray” and they are working so far. I have had trouble finding the right size and these are just slightly larger than needed but they work. So I highly recommend you to buy DEEP DEAR puppy pads xl, it is much better than most Wee-Wee pee pads for dogs on the market."
Julie Robinson
Best Dog Pads for Training:
"I have tried so many dog training pads that "crazy" comes to mind.
Ah heck I'll try these. Can't hurt after all they are mostly the same as the other's.
Boy was I wrong!! Straight out of the box they felt special. The outer blue edges and the pads top layer are actually a type of plastic? It's not plastic like other plastics, but more like a diaper top layer.
These absorb immediately and there is absolutely NO urine odor. No scent to drive me crazy either.
I have given few away to other pet owners and they always comment on the feel of the top layer.
It keeps the urine from soaking through the top and running like crazy across the pads.
Yes you other pad makers. You know I'm right!
My 34 lbs pug and 4 lb long haired chihuahua both use the same pad at night. No more waking up and stepping in the liquid that leaked over the edge. Disgusting!!!
PLEASE don't wait. Buy them already and stop searching. This is the last pad you will ever buy."
James Brook
Good Size and No Leaking:
"Very happy with the purchase! I would absolutely buy again! I have two small dogs and dog pads are very necessary for me. My challenge was to find a dog pee pad that met my requirements for quality, quantity and cost. I am very happy with this choice.
These DEEP DEAR piddle pads are light, but still absorbent and do not leak. They take up less space. I use these anywhere. Not to mention they make great disposable doormats. Great for absorbing mud from the bottom of your boots.
I also found that when my doggie peed on the far side of the corner as usual, these pee pads didn't leak onto the floor. The urine doesn't leak to the bottom of the pad and it doesn't create a slippery feel on the floor. No more worrying about leaks and cleanup now!!!"

Just using DEEP DEAR dog pads, you and your pets will have a clean, tidy, and pleasant home!

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